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Welcome message and your first session

Once your license is paid, the following message will arrive at the email address indicated during the purchase process:

This message welcomes you and invites you to use the service. Your username ( and corresponding password to access the control panel will also be provided in the welcome message. Generally, the message arrives within 24/48 hours.

To access and log in to your control panel, click the “Log In” button. Launch the installation process later on in order to get access to the data of the monitored device.

To connect you simply need to use your username and password, received in the welcome message. After completing the two fields, click on “Connection” to access your mSpy control panel.

The first time you enter the configuration panel, a wizard will guide you through the installation of the service, in 4 simple steps.

IMPORTANT: all the steps indicated by the wizard must be carried out on the target mobile, that is to say on the device that you want to monitor. You must not use your personal mobile or give information about it at any time.

Installation wizard for Android (step by step)

1. Choose the mobile operating system you are interested in monitoring

The first step of the installation wizard (1/4), means selecting the operating system of the device you are interested in monitoring. Choose the corresponding system and click on “Continue” to proceed.

2. Device configuration

The second step of the wizard (2/4) includes most of the installation process. It contains 9 points, which will help you in a simple way to download and install mSpy, if you have access to the device to be monitored.

The 9 points to cover are:

  1. To go through the following points, you need access to the target phone and that this one has an Internet connection.

To proceed, the target phone must be connected to the Internet.

  1. Check the Unknown Sources option, it should be checked. To do this go to Settings > Security or Configuration > Security.

If it is deactivated then you must go to the above menu and activate the option “Unknown sources” to download the installation program from the browser (point 3).

  1. Enter the URL to download the mSpy installation file.

On the device to be monitored, open a browser window and access the displayed URL. (Regarding the browser, use the one that is installed by default or the one you prefer).

Once the URL is entered, the APK file will be downloaded, and you can see this process taking place in the toolbar.

  1. The installation file (APK) will then be found in the browser’s “Downloads” folder or in the form of a notification in the toolbar.

After downloading the file, run the installer and begin the pre-installation process. When running the APK, you will see some or all of the following windows:

  • Window A: “Complete action using”, choose the “Package Installer” and continue by clicking on “Always”.
  • Window B: You are asked to “grant authorizations to mSpy”, you must apply and authorize them.
  • Window C: “Google recommends not to install this application”, select Install anyway and then Install in any case.
  1. When you reach this point, you should be able to see an installation window referring to mSpy, so that you can continue with the installation process and configuring the service.

To start this process (3 steps) click on “Continue”.

  1. First step (1/3):

Read and accept the terms and conditions.

  1. Second step (2/3): it is time to establish the goal, i.e. for which reason you are going to use the mSpy software (employee monitoring, parental use or another), and also indicate if you want to hide the mSpy icon in the applications menu.

Choose your objective and indicate if you want to hide the software icon. Once these choices have been established, click on “Continue”. (If you have chosen “another monitoring objective”, the function of hiding the icons will not be available.)

  1. Root window (displayed only for users who have root authorization on the phone to be monitored): you need root permissions to benefit 100% from the application, otherwise certain functions will not be available.

If such a screen appears, you must grant Root permissions to mSpy.

  1. Third step (3/3): it is time to enter the activation code. To obtain this code check steps 2/4 to 3/4 (mSpyonline):

Now you have to reach the end of the 9 points in section 2/4 and press “Continue”.

3. Activation code

As mentioned before, in section 3/4 of the installation wizard, you can get the activation code. In the image above, the activation code is as follows: 57268884 (Image).

To finish with point 9 of the procedure (Mobile), you must enter the activation code for your account (each account has its own unique code) and then click on “Finish your registration”.

Once this step is finished, a pop-up window will welcome you with the message: “Congratulations!” (This message means the end of the manual installation).

Then you must return to the installation wizard and press “Continue”, below the activation code.

4. Final

Ex: “my son’s cellphone”

This last section allows you to enter a “Phone Name” used to identify the mobile phones that you wish to monitor when using your mSpy account. This tag will be useful for differentiating between the different mobile phones you monitor, but you will need a license for each of them.

  • Choose a name for the monitored phone in the “Phone name” field and press “Finish”.
  • With it comes the end of the installation wizard.
  • Access whenever you want to see new data stored on the monitored device. It is possible to do this from your PC or from your laptop.
  • If you have any questions about the panel, we invite you to consult the monitoring panel guide, where you will find a list with all the functions you can use as a mSpy client.

Installation wizards for IOS (alternatives)

If you have an iOS device (iPad or iPhone), you have two methods to install the mSpy software. Read on to find out.

The options presented below (iOS without jailbreak and iPhone) can be chosen when you access the control panel for the first time (for example: wizard for Android step 1/4).

Physical installation (iPhone): access to all functions

Requirements: physical access to the device to be monitored + perform Jailbreak

To be able to take advantage of all of mSpy’s features and functions, you need physical access to the terminal and running jailbreak.

The process on iPhones is almost identical to that performed on Android devices, the only difference being the realization of Jailbreak, an essential condition if you wish to start the installation of the service.

Remote installation (iOS without jailbreak): access to limited functions

Requirements: iCloud ID + active backups (iCloud)

Advantage: physical access is not necessary + Jailbreak is also not necessary

With this option, you can perform the installation remotely, so physical access to the device to be monitored is not absolutely necessary, but you need the iCloud ID and active backups for the system to be able to install automatically.

Plus, there is no need to jailbreak.

The only small downside of this option is the inability to take advantage of all the features provided by mSpy. The remote installation gives you access to the following functions:

  • List of contacts
  • Installed applications
  • Calendar and future events
  • Call log
  • Web history and bookmarks
  • WhatsApp: conversations and messages
  • SMS: text messages
  • Notes
  • Connected Wi-Fi networks and their locations

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the app after purchasing it?

After purchasing the software, you will receive a link to download it by email (step 2/4 of the wizard). Use this link to download the mSpy software to the device you wish to monitor.

What should I do after installing mSpy?

After installing the application using the installation wizard, you will have access to the control panel where you will find the recordings which will be made on the device concerned and also all the updates carried out (depending on connection speed).

I don’t know anything about Rooting or Jailbreaking. What should I do?

You can pay for mAssistance and a representative from our support team will take care of the installation for you. You can purchase this service from the control panel or when purchasing the license.

Important to know: the mAssistance service is only available in English.

What are the compatible versions of Android and iOS?

To check the compatible versions, go to our FAQ which answers many frequently asked questions. Do a search with these keywords: is the device to be monitored compatible?