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Modern technology has made our lives much easier. They give us the ability to communicate from a distance, as well as a lot of other entertainment content. Children and teenagers spend a lot of time with their mobile devices. An endless stream of information and cybercriminals can threaten a young person. Therefore, parents should control their children’s online activity to protect them from the dangers of the network. In 2006, Flexispy Ltd launched a parental control program and today it occupies a significant niche in the digital market. By reading our Flexispy review, you’ll find out why. After reading our Flexispy review, you’ll find out why.
Carlo Pecchia
I'm an IT engineer with 10+ years experience in GPS tracking technologies. This website is my hobby. I'm writing about how different phone tracking apps work, the risks you take using them and how you can use them for your own purposes. I'll be glad to hear back from you, in case you have any questions.
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Questions to the expert
Is FlexiSPY legal?
FlexiSPY is legal to install on your own phone. If you are installing FlexiSPY onto a phone that you do not own, then you must have express permission from the device owner to do so before installing FlexiSPY.
What else do I need to know about FlexiSPY?
For iOS devices you must jailbreak the device first before installing FlexiSPY

You do not need to do anything special to install our software on to an Android device. However certain advanced features will not work if the Android device is not rooted

Alternatively, if you want someone else to help you jailbreak or root your device and install FlexiSPY then you can use our installation service
How long is data stored on your servers?
Data stored on our servers is automatically and permanently deleted after 90 days.
How do I install FlexiSPY?
You must have physical access to the device to install FlexiSPY. It cannot be installed remotely.


What is flexispy?

Flexispy is legal and effective tracking software that helps you control your child’s device or employee of your company. The main source of online danger is, of course, mobile phone or tablets. They are always with us, which means the user constantly receives various information. However, PC monitoring also plays an important role in ensuring the safety of your loved ones. That is why the developers implemented their products on various systems. The software is compatible with the following OS:

  • Microsoft Windows version 7 and later
  • Apple macOS X
  • Android 4.0 and older
  • iOS

Thanks to this widespread distribution, users can easily install the Flexispy app on any gadget they need. This program is great not only for monitoring children but also for checking the work of your employees. If you are afraid that an employee may transmit important information to a competitor, then this tracking software will prevent an unpleasant incident and your business will remain intact!

What are the main features?

Flexispy Ltd company has been in the market of mobile trackers for more than 10 years. All this time, the company has improved and developed its product. Therefore, today Flexispy software has great features and a nice design. Let us consider in more detail the main advantages that make the program a leader among competitors.

Calls and messages control

Special features give you complete control over calls, text messages, and social app chats. You’ll know with whom, how long and on what topics your child or employee has been talking. You’ll be ready to protect a loved one from a criminal or cyberbullying. A distinctive feature of the application is the ability to record or listen online to conversations, including online applications (for example, skype). Rest assured, you’ll always be aware of your child’s events.

Media tracking

To ensure comprehensive security, parents must have access to all media files located on the gadget. The tracking app provides this opportunity to its clients. Parents will be able to view all the files that are already on the device or in social applications. Clients will get a complete picture of the interests and hobbies of their child and his peers. If you are a businessman who controls his employees, you can protect your business from information leakage.

Tracking of location

The application transmits the location information of the target device online. You’ll know where your child is at the moment and also get the opportunity to see all the routes of his movements. This will allow you to protect your child from visiting unfavorable areas of your city. Set the forbidden borders and the application will immediately send you an alert when the device enters the forbidden territory.

Remote control

If you want to restrict access to a website or application, you can easily do this using the tracking app. Take advantage of remote access and disable dangerous content. Besides, you can enable certain phone features unnoticed by the user. This will let you know what happens to your child or employee at any time. Set up other important alerts, such as stop words in chats, messages, and conversations. The functionality of the program is almost unlimited.

Monitoring of online activity

In addition to messages and social media applications, like Facebook,  you’ll gain control over the Internet activity of the device and see visited sites, browser history and bookmarks, as well as read emails. The tool perfectly complements parental control.

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Expert Conclusion

How to install the tracking app?

The tracking software is compatible with various systems. Before you start using it, you must select the appropriate device for monitoring. If you want to install the program on Microsoft Windows, then do the following:

  • Step 1: Register an account on the official website. The data you need to install will come to the email you specified. Launch a browser, open the official website and log in to your account. Download the Windows installer
  • Step 2: Run the downloaded file. When prompted for User Account Control, click “Yes”. After the installation is complete, run the program from the desktop
  • Step 3: In the window that appears, enter your current account. Next, enter the code from the email and click the “Activate” button. Everything is ready, now the program will work in the background

Now consider installing the program on a Mac:

  • Step 1: Register an account on the official website. The required data will be sent to the email you specified. Launch a browser, open the official website and log in to your account. Download the Mac installer
  • Step 2: Launch the downloaded application. Enter your account information and click the “Install” button
  • Step 3: Enter your Mac administrator password when the system prompts. Congratulations, everything is ready to go! After installation is complete, the program will start running in the background

The installing steps to the Flexispy app for mobile devices are slightly different. You must remember that the program works without restrictions only on an Android device with root access and on an iOS device with Jailbreak. Otherwise, the functionality of the program will be limited. Before starting the installation process, check this important point.

To install the Flexispy android application, follow the instruction:

  • Step 1: Register an account on the official website. The data you need to install the application will come to the email box you specified
  • Step 2: Open the “Settings” – “Security” section and select the “Unknown Resources” item. Go to the “Settings” – “Google” – “Security” – “Verify apps” section and disable application verification
  • Step 3: Launch a browser, open the official website and log in to your account. Download the installation file for Android. Start the installation process. Answer all system requests positively
  • Step 4: Launch the Flexispy android application, enter your account details, then the received code and activate the product. Allow the application access to all system functions. Everything is ready to use

Now let’s look at the process of installing the Flexispy iphone app on iOS with Jailbreak.

  • Step 1: Register an account on the official website. Check your inbox
  • Step 2: Launch Cydia and click “Sources” – “Edit” – “Add”. In the window that appears, enter the link received by e-mail and click the “Add Source” button
  • Step 3: After completing all updates, click the “Return to Cydia” button. Next, follow the sequence “Sources” – “MonitoringApp repo” – “System” – “iPhone monitoring app” – “Install” and click “Confirm”
  • Step 4: After the installation is complete, click on the “Restart Springboard” button
  • Step 5: Launch the Flexispy iphone app and enter the code you received earlier. The program is ready to use

You’ll begin to receive information from the device a few minutes after the installation is completed. To monitor the information, go to your account.

Is there a refund option?

Flexispy Ltd company provides its customers with a money-back guarantee. Before buying a product, be sure to check out the refund rules. If you have any problems installing or using the application, then you should contact technical support. Specialists will try to resolve the issue and most often they succeed. Otherwise, you can ask for a refund, describing the cause and the unresolved problem.

What is the pricing policy?

Flexispy Ltd company takes care of its customers by providing its product at a very affordable price. Flexispy app has several tariff plans that are suitable even for a person with a limited budget. Depending on your desires, you can choose the most suitable option at the best Flexispy price.

Flexispy “Computers”

The software offers several tracking tools for PCs running Windows or Mac. You’ll be able to monitor your child’s online activity, including email and instant messengers. Visited sites, search history, and browsers will be under your parental control. At any given time, you can restrict access to negative content. In this case, all of these services are available at the following Flexispy price:

  • “Сomputers” tariff of $ 68 per 1 month
  • “Сomputers” tariff of $ 99 per 3 months (33 $ / month)
  • “Сomputers” tariff is $ 149 per 1 year ($ 12.42 / month)

Flexispy “iPad”

The option is primarily intended for iPad users. The tariff plan includes a large set of functions that will allow you to monitor the activities of a loved one.

  • “iPad” tariff of $ 68 per 1 month
  • “iPad” tariff $ 99 per 3 months (33 $ / month)
  • “iPad” tariff is $ 149 per 1 year ($ 12.42 / month)

Flexispy “Lite”

The tariff plan has a minimal set of tools that allows you to only observe, but not interfere with the operation of the device. It is suitable for both Flexispy android and Flexispy iphone applications. Tariff plan Designed for budget customers. Flexispy price, in this case, will be:

  • “Lite” tariff of $ 29.95 per 1 month

Flexispy “Premium”

The option allows for full monitoring of device activity. It is suitable for devices running Android or iOS. The package of services will cost you:

  • “Premium” tariff of $ 68 per 1 month
  • “Premium” tariff $ 99 per 3 months (33 $ / month)
  • “Premium” tariff of $ 149 per 1 year ($ 12.42 / month)

Flexispy “Extreme”

By choosing this tariff, you get access to all the functions of this tracking software. In addition to Flexispy “Premium”, you can intercept and record all conversations. When connecting this tariff, Flexispy price will be:

  • “Extreme” tariff of $ 199 per 3 months ($ 66.3 / month)
  • “Extreme” tariff of $ 349 per year (29 $ / month)

It is worth noting that 1 subscription allows you to track only 1 device. It does not depend on the choice of tariff.

Flexispy summary review

Flexispy software is great for parental control and business management. Its functionality will allow not only to recognize the threat but also to take preventive measures. Do not forget that before using the program you must warn the owner of the device. This is the only legal way to use such programs.

Pros & Cons
Wide functionality
A large number of tariffs
Possibility of remote installation
Money-back guarantee
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
One subscription applies only to 1 device