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Consider for a moment that statistics show over one million users worldwide log in to Facebook every minute. In the same amount of time, 150,000 IMs are sent using the Messenger service.

Now think about your loved ones. Do your children use Facebook or its messenger service? Chances are good that they do. In fact, 91% of adolescents post photos of themselves online and 61% of users post where they live.

What about your significant other? An elderly relative? Online predators are a very real problem in today’s world. Financial crimes are rampant. Victims of these crimes are often embarrassed and afraid to admit what happened.

These are just a number of reasons why you might need to know how to view someone else’s Facebook messages.

Thankfully, technology also has several options for viewing another’s Facebook and the tools are available on how to hack Facebook messenger.

What Are Your Reasons To Spy On Facebook Activity?

Facebook and technology have forever changed the way people communicate. It is now possible to interact with others far and wide.

It has also opened the door to many questions. Some people might doubt their significant other’s online behavior. Children and young teens also engage in risky online behavior. All of which can have long lasting consequences.

Statistics back it up too.

  • 91% of teens post photos of themselves online
  • 61% of users post where they live
  • 70% f teen users post their school info online
  • 53% of teens post their cell phone number online

When you take these facts into account, it is no wonder people want to be able to monitor someone’s Facebook and know how to hack Facebook messenger.

There are three main reasons why people look for this hacking technology.

1.Child safety

With cyberbullying becoming more of an issue, it is imperative that parents keep their kids safe online. This is done by monitoring screen time and tracking messages.

2.Personal problems

Those in relationships may experience personal problems. Knowing how to hack someone’s Facebook can give clues to the state of the relationship. Being able to find out secrets can be helpful in trying to take action.

  1. Protecting Company Info

Keeping track of information that employees may be sharing is necessary for some companies. You need to be able to monitor employees and see what, if any, private information that they may be sharing with others.

Thankfully, there are tracking apps that are quick and easy to install. They can provide you with a wealth of information. These apps are user friendly and install quickly.

Best Phone Trackers To Hack Someone’s Facebook


The FlexiSPY app and software are easy to use and provide you with a wealth of knowledge. The software can be used on any device, no matter what the operating platform is. Once you have downloaded the software to the target phone, you will be able to view a lot of information:

  1. Track social media use
  2. Hack messenger
  3. Delete message with sensitive info
  4. Call log reports
  5. Notification of SIM card change


This is another app which yields great results. You have the option to purchase any one of 3 bundles, to ensure you get the right software for your needs. The mSPY software will give you the following info:

  1. View incoming and outgoing phone calls
  2. View media files
  3. Read all emails and messaging apps
  4. GPS location tracker
  5. Contact list and calendar access


How To Hack Facebook Messages Without A Password

Since Facebook is password protected, you may think you need the password to access the account. This is not necessarily true. There are certain methods that you can use to gain access to another person’s Facebook account without knowing their password.

“Forgot Password” 

This method works if the target uses a Gmail account. If you do not know their Gmail password, you will need to figure that out first.

  • Download a Gmail phishing app
  • Build a site that allows you to use a Gmail account
  • Create a spoofing program that seems legitimate
  • Send it to the target. They will think they need to enter their login information, and now you have access to their Gmail account.
  • Go back to their Facebook account and reset the password

There is one main drawback to this method. Once the target realizes their password has been changed, they will reset it. Therefore, you will need to continually follow this cycle every time you want to spy on their Facebook.

Password Guessing

This method involves using social engineering. It is no secret that most people use weak passwords. They are also likely to use passwords that are significant to them. Birthdays, kids’ names, pet names are all good guesses.

You can certainly try this method out if you know the person pretty well and if you know their email.

Man in the Middle Attack 

This method is a little more complex, but doable. In this method you basically exploit the WIFI’s security to access passwords. There are a few steps to follow, but the end result is what you hope for: a password.

  1. Download Kali Linux OS
  2. Open a window and change the routing table
  3. Use a spoofing program to make your PC appear to be a web server
  4. Use this new “server” to collect info and send it to your PC
  5. Use a decryption program to access the passwords

Resetting the Password

Since most people do not protect or change their email passwords, this can be helpful when trying to hack a Facebook account. In just a few steps, you can be in to someone’s account or messenger.

1.Click on “Forgot Password” on the Facebook page

2.Have a “reset password” link sent to the target’s email

3.Change the password and login to Facebook

4.Make sure you delete the email requesting a password reset

5.Answer a few security questions and you should be all set

Phishing Attacks: How Does It Work

Phishing is a method used to trick people into giving out sensitive information, such as passwords. This is an easy method to use if you want to hack into someone’s Facebook account.

1.Find and download phishing software that is geared towards Facebook

2.You will have to create a fake website that will be real enough for your target to click on the link

3.The software can then read the target’s login info and you will have access to it

Using phishing software is relatively straightforward and anonymous. If you aren’t sure about the other methods, it might be easier to start with this method.

How To Use Facebook Spy Apps

Since most spy app will need to be installed on the target’s phone or device, you need to plan accordingly.  Be sure to research the software ahead of time and pick the best one for you. Make sure you understand how it works and the process needed to install it.

1.Plan on at least 10 minutes for installation. The target’s phone or device will need to be available without the owner nearby.

2.Downlaod the software onto the phone or device.

3.Login to your user panel to view your settings and set the controls.

Any spyware you choose should allow you to discreetly view another’s Facebook and messaging. You should also have the ability to use location services and tracking, view messages with date stamps and have access to media files.


There are many reasons for needing to spy on someone’s Facebook and messenger. And there are just as many methods of accomplishing this task. Take the time to read the instructions through and be sure to set up your app correctly. In no time you should have the information you are seeking.