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It is often necessary to be able to track a cell phone. Thanks to advances in technology, this capability is widely available and easily accessible.

Consider the obvious scenarios where you will need the best phone tracker app available.

You find yourself on a crowded city bus or eating in a busy restaurant. One of your mobile devices winds up getting misplaced or stolen. Knowing how to track a cell phone’s location is paramount in retrieving your valuable contacts and data.

In addition, knowing how to track a cell phone location without them knowing may be the only way to recover your property, especially if it has been stolen. This is crucial for children and teens who have cell phones.

Keeping your family safe is another reason to know how to track someone’s phone. A cell phone tracker will give you peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are at all times.

The following guide will help you make the correct choice in phone tracking app.

How to track someone’s phone without them knowing

In an ideal situation, you will be able to discreetly install a spy app on a phone and the person will be none the wiser. In real life, this doesn’t always happen.

There are apps that can be installed unsuspectingly on a phone. This happens when you send the person an image or link. Once they click on it, the software will be installed. You can use this method if you are not able to have access to their phone to install it. Another way would be to preinstall the software on a phone and then give it to the person to use.

The app works by collecting info from text messages, emails, and social media accounts and saving them. When you login to your account with the spy app, you will have access to this data.

There are several apps available for monitoring cell phones.

Best phone tracker app that doesn’t require permission – mSPY

This phone monitoring device has several great features. For starters, it can be used on both iOS and Android devices. The mSPY app is also capable of the following functions:

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Monitor social media activity on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp among others
  • Has the ability to screen messages for picture and videos being sent and received
  • Can keep tracking of browsing history

Once you have installed the mSPY app you can freely monitor the targeted phone, or devices, from your account.

How to track phone location

If you are looking to simply track a cell phone’s location, there are ways to do that as well. Being able to track a phone’s location can be very important for children, teens and older parents. It is also useful when trying to keep tabs on employees who work out of the office.

Fortunately, there are many free apps available that can help you track location. Some of these apps are designed to be hidden apps, so the person will not realize they are being tracked. Other apps are featured on the phone already, so the person with the phone will already know it’s there.

How to track a cell phone location by number for free

With all the choices you have with regards to apps for location tracking, we have narrowed the list down to four of them. These apps are all free to install and use. Keep in mind that these apps are not necessarily hidden and the person you are tracking may be aware of it.

Tracking a phone’s location has many benefits. It is ideal for recovering a lost device, it can help you monitor where your children are and it can help you meet up with friends. Here are the top 4 free apps.

1.Find My Friends

This free app is a good one for families to use. As long as the app is switched on, you will be able to see where other members are located. The app is simple to use.

  • Turn on “share my location” on your iPhone
  • Select friends from your contact list and send them an invite
  • Set up alerts

This app only works if it is turned on. However, it allows you to share locations with family and friends. It is easy to set up alerts as well, so you can be notified when a child returns home, an older relative return from the grocery store, etc.

2. Find My iPhone

This app is intended to be a way of finding your phone or Apple device if it is lost. This is helpful for stolen devices too. Given how expensive Apple products are, it makes good sense to enable this feature.

The app helps you find your missing device, remotely lock it and even erase it if needed. It is a simple app to use.

You must have the Find My Phone app enabled in your iCloud in order for the app to work. And you cannot track someone else’s iPhone with this app. You would need to use Apple Family Sharing for that.

3.Find My Device

For Android users and fans, this app is for you. The Find My Device app makes use of Google tracking to help locate your phone. Google maps are able to locate your phone indoors and outdoors. It also has the ability to lock your device and you can even erase your device remotely.

This app can be used to track someone else’s Android phone. In order to do this, that phone must be registered as an active phone on your personal Google account.

4.Find My Mobile

This app is for Samsung device users. It works the same way the other apps do. The app will help you locate a missing phone, protect your data and it can help you unlock your phone if you should forget your password.

You should be aware of some limitations with the app if you intend to monitor other people. This app only works with a Samsung ID. If you want to track someone, you will need to know their Samsung ID.

How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

If you are not able to install tracking software on an iPhone, you may still be able to track them. Some cell phone companies can put locating services on a phone. In order to do this though, you will need to prove that you are the owner of the phone you are trying to track.

Spy Apps: Best Way To Track A Cell Phone Location By Number Without Them Knowing

You may find that the free apps offered by phone manufacturers are not enough. If you are looking for a greater ability to track, monitor and have parental controls, you will need to use a more specialized app.

  • FlexiSPY

This app is the complete package. It has the ability to offer you many different levels of monitoring, without the phone user being aware. FlexiSPY offers location services and geofencing. With this feature you can be alerted when the user leaves certain preset geographical boundaries.

You also have the ability to monitor social media sites for messages. This includes pictures and videos as well. In addition, you can monitor text messages and phone calls.

  • Qustodio 

This app is designed with family in mind. It is intended to be used as a location service and it even features a panic button. The app not only monitors social media, but it can be used to set screen time limits as well.

Since this app is not hidden, it is a good tool for children to learn why certain things online are safe and others are not. It helps children learn how to use smart devices safely.


There are many reasons why you should be able to track and monitor cell phone use and location. It is helpful for monitoring young children and older adults. It is also a great tool to have in monitoring employees and finding a lost or stolen device.

With all of the technology available, it is possible to find the right level of support for your needs.