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Face it, when it comes to monitoring SMS (texts) and calls, there are many reasons to consider using an app for an SMS tracker without the target phone.

The reasons for hacking a phone are varied. There are many financial scams going around that prey on the elderly and trick them into giving out personal information. Maybe you suspect your partner is cheating. You want to have your facts.

Then there are your children. Most children and teens today have cell phones. Obviously, there are many benefits for them to have a phone. Unfortunately, there are also many caveats.

Being able to monitor cell phones is often a necessary task, but is it possible hack SMS without target phone access? Yes, you can use an SMS tracker without a target phone. Here are a few options for tracking and monitoring a smartphone through the use of SMS.

SMS Tracker Without Target Phone Access: Is It Real?

This is a question that comes up frequently. Often you do not want the target to know that you are monitoring their phone. If you take care of an elderly relative, this software can be helpful. It helps you ensure their safety. The same can be said for young children.

What Is SMS Tracker And How Does It Work?

An SMS tracker is an app that uses spyware downloaded on to the target phone. The app is able to gather information from the phone and relay it to the user. Most software can monitor social media accounts as well as other phone functions. These apps are capable of many functions: 

  • Phone call records
  • Web browser history
  • Media files
  • Calendar files
  • GPS location tracking

The spy app gathers this information. When you login to your user account, you can access this information. Since this is done remotely, the target never realizes that they are being monitored.

SMS Tracker: Android, iOS, Blackberry

Generally speaking, all of these companies have apps that can be used on their phones for tracking. Some apps will work across all devices, others are brand specific. There are free apps and apps that you need to purchase in order to use.

You will notice that the apps are divided into 2 categories.

1.Apps that spy on a target without needing access

2.Apps that require you to download software onto the target phone.

Hidden SMS Tracker App Which Works Without Accessing Target Phone

Most people who are looking to spy on someone’s SMS, are looking for apps which do not require them to access the target’s phones. This makes it easier for them since they do not need to personally handle that phone.

Let’s take a look at a few apps that can do the trick:


Android Devices

  • Gizmoquip

This app is great for keeping kids safe. Once this app is installed, you have the ability to monitor text messages, phone calls and keep track of location.

  • Spyzie

There are many benefits to using this app. You will be able to monitor texts and phone calls. You can also set up geofencing and receive alerts when those boundaries have been breached. And all logs are sent to you in real time.

Free SMS Tracker App For iPhone

  • Mobile Spy

This software can be used on iPhones. In addition to monitoring text messages and phone calls, you can monitor GPS location as well. This software is also compatible with Android and Blackberry devices.

Is it legal to use SMS Tracking? 

This is not an easy question. It is certainly a violation of privacy to hack someone’s phone and access their information without their consent. Depending on where you live, the legal ramifications can vary.

However, in the case of children it is generally acceptable. This is because parents need a way to monitor and keep their kids safe in this age of technology that moves at the speed of light.