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Today, almost everyone has unlimited access to information. We use various mobile devices to go online and receive new information. Each of us has accounts in various social networks that allow us to communicate without personal presence. However, hackers also use new technologies. Children and adolescents who still cannot fully assess the situation are at risk. That is why parents need to control their children’s online activity. It will help protect your loved ones from dangerous situations. Read our Mobile Tracker Free review and you will find out why every parent should have this free legal tool.

How does Mobile Tracker Free work?

Mobile Tracker Free is a popular tracking software that allows you to monitor the activity of a mobile phone or tablet. After installation and configuration, the program will collect the necessary information and send it to the specified device. Mobile Tracker Free app is indispensable for parents, as controlling the child’s gadget, they’ll be able to identify the Internet danger in time and block it. In addition to parents, a tracking application will be in demand among businessmen. If you want to know what your employees do during working hours and whether they communicate with competitors, then the mobile tracker is your faithful ally. However, before you start collecting information, you must warn your employees about this. In this case, you’ll not violate the law.

According to statistics, most mobile devices are running the Android operating system. Mobile Tracker Free app is only compatible with this operating system. If the target device works under its control, then you can safely install program. Below you’ll find step-by-step installation instructions. It is worth noting that the Mobile Tracker Free iPhone application for iOS is under development and will soon enter the market.

Questions to the expert
What is Mobile Tracker Free?
Mobile Tracker Free is a monitoring application for Android smartphones and tablets running in the background, it secretly keeps track of exchanged text messages, call history, captured photos, records surrounding sounds, monitors messages from instant messaging, retrieves the GPS coordinates of the phone, etc.
Is Mobile Tracker Free really free?
You are not mistaken. Developers provide all the tools free. Of course, there are some time limits on their use. However, you get the opportunity to control the activity of 1 gadget without paying a cent. You only need to log into your account at least once every 7 days, otherwise, the target device will be deleted
Is it legal to use Mobile Tracker Free?
It is perfectly legal to use Mobile Tracker Free: Like a parental solution to monitor your minor children. Like a tracking solution used to monitor the devices belonging to the company.

What are the features of the software?

The toolkit of existing tracking applications is not much different from each other. All tracking programs provide the same functionality. However, the Mobile Tracker Free app has some advantages that competitors do not have. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality of free application.

Location tracker

The function allows you to locate a specific mobile phone, so you’ll always know where your child is currently located. You can also track the entire history of your child’s movements and find out if your child was in unsafe and dangerous areas.

Calls and messages monitoring

The tool provides access to the call log and allows you to view SMS. You’ll always know who your child is talking to and on what topics. Besides, you’ll have information on the date, time and duration of calls.

Application monitoring

The program allows you to monitor all applications installed on the target mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to this feature, you’ll know what your child is using and how many times each program has been launched.

Multimedia files access

Mobile Tracker Free android allows you to monitor all stored, sent and received media files. It’s very important because parents will be able to find out what their child is interested in and be aware of any negative content.

Real-time monitoring

This is one of the most useful features. The tool allows you to see in real-time what is happening on the home screen of the gadget, as well as to explore the environment. Parents will be able to see what their child is doing at the moment and with whom he spends his free time.

Remote access

Mobile Tracker Free app allows you to configure the device remotely. You can block access to a dangerous application or site. In addition to the complete restriction of access, you can configure the time during which it will be possible to use the site. This function will make the child put his device aside and do other important things. You can take a photo, delete unwanted data, make the device vibrate and so on.

We examined the most important features of the application, but there are many more. Try installing the Mobile Tracker Free app and see yourself.

How to install the application on the desired device?

We’ll talk about installing the program on the Android operating system. At the moment, there is no version of the program for other operating systems. To install Mobile Tracker Free android on your phone or tablet, do the following:

  • Step 1: Create an account on the official website and make sure that the device is connected to the Internet
  • Step 2: Allow installation from unknown sources: “Settings” – “Security” – “Unknown sources”
  • Step 3: Open Google Play Google Play. Select “Menu” – “Play Protect” – “Settings” and disable the corresponding items
  • Step 4: Launch a browser, go to the official website and log in to your account
  • Step 5: Download and run the installation file. In the next window, click the “Install” button
  • Step 6: After the installation is complete, enter your username and password. Give the application all the necessary access to the system
  • Step 7: Delete browser history
  • Step 8: The program is ready to use

Log into your account and check all the information collected. It will appear a few minutes after the installation is complete.

Warranty & Refund Policy

Developers guarantee a full refund within 7 days after purchase. If you have any technical difficulties, contact technical support and they’ll certainly help you deal with the problem. If the problem persists, or you are simply not satisfied with the functionality or operation of the application, then you should send an email requesting a refund. Before sending a letter, carefully read the return policy, which is published on the official website of the program.

Mobile Tracker Free rating
Expert Conclusion

What service packages available for purchase?

A distinctive feature of Mobile Tracker Free android is the low cost of services. Several tariff plans will surely be able to satisfy each client. Depending on the desired functionality, you can choose the Mobile Tracker Free price that is right for you.

Mobile Tracker Free “Free”

You are not mistaken. Developers provide all the tools free. Of course, there are some time limits on their use. However, you get the opportunity to control the activity of 1 gadget without paying a cent. You only need to log into your account at least once every 7 days, otherwise, the target device will be deleted. Please note that during monitoring, advertisements will also be present.

Mobile Tracker Free “Basic”

This package of services provides all the functionality with slight restrictions (for example, you can track only 50 calls per day). The monitored device will not be deleted from the control panel, even if you do not log in for a long time. The application allows you to track the activity of only 1 device, but without advertisements. In this case, the Mobile Tracker Free price is 6 € / month.

Mobile Tracker Free “Premium”

Developers provide all the functionality without any restrictions. You can monitor the work of an unlimited number of devices without advertisements. In this case, the Mobile Tracker Free price depends on the time of use.

  • “Premium” plan per 10 days – € 15
  • “Premium” plan per 1 month – € 25
  • “Premium” plan per 3 months – € 45 (15 €/month)

Carlo Pecchia recommendations

Mobile Tracker Free app is perfect for those who want to control the activity of mobile devices and not overpay too much. The application is ideal for both worrying parents and cautious businessmen. You can use this software completely on legal conditions. The main criterion is that you must buy it yourself. If you plan to control the work of employees, then you must first warn them.

Pros & Cons
Great functionality
Remote control available
Free version without significant restrictions
Refunds within 7 days
Ability to control several devices at once
The application is available only on Android OS
Ads in free version