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Sexting is sending personal photos of intimate content via cell phone, email and social networks like MySpace or Facebook.

Americans have found out about this unusual phenomenon a few months ago, although this term emerged in 2005 in New Zealand. The reason was the action of a 13-year-old schoolgirl who posted her candid shots on dating sites.

Why do the teenagers need it?

Teenagers find the opinion of others more important that the parental authority. Young people demand autonomy and isolation, which they find on the Internet. There they share their secret thoughts, ask questions and get answers. Therefore, sexting is the first step to the formation of sexual behavior and a way to experiment with personal sexuality.

3Fun is known primarily as a triple dating application. It is also considered as a fling and sexting program. If you are a single searching for a pair or a pair searching for a single, 3Fun is just the thing you need. In order to start a registration, you just have to indicate your name and choose a profile picture. Your photograph will be verified to ensure that it is really you. This is very useful, as you will be sure that you talk to the person, whose photo you see in the profile.

Moreover, this app has specific security settings to hinder other persons from getting into your account. The two basic options comprise passwords and fingerprint identification technology. Thus, if you wish to make sexting with other people on 3Fun, you don’t have to fear of being caught.


Wild represents a common dating/flirting application. But as Wild doesn’t oblige you to provide any social network account, it allows you to stay fully anonymous when you using the dating platform. If you want to sext with other people, you will truly appreciate this opportunity. The excellent option is that chatting with other persons for free. You don’t need to update your membership or anything of the kind. Just enjoy complimentary sexting chats with persons you find interesting.

This app has many search filters so that you can find an appropriate partner. If you’re just searching for sexting and don’t really want to go out with anybody, use the filters to find the person who’s looking for the same. Moreover, it is possible to verify the identity of the pictures members share on their profiles. You will definitely appreciate such option if you think about meeting other people and probably have sex with them. But don’t forget that only 2/3 of all users have approved profiles. Thus, 1/3 can be false profiles.

PlentyOfFish is a casual dating platform, which can be used as a sexting application. It’s one of the first applications providing complementary membership that comprise communication with other users. Thus, if you find a person you’re interested in on PlentyOfFish, you can send them SMS at no charge. There is also an additional premium upgrade, allowing you to find a perfect match proceeding from their character traits. But if your only wish is to sext with other users, you don’t need to worry about that. You can establish their identity once you start speaking to them.

The advantage of PlentyOfFish is that it provides lots and lots of users to talk to. As a fan of sexting, you may looks for company both inside and outside the country. But the disadvantage of this application is that it doesn’t provide for any video chats or common chat room functions. This factor can decrease the quality of sexting. However, as main communication is cost-free, you should still try worth it.

Snapchat is an application, whose characteristic feature is to delete the received pictures and videos shortly after they are displayed.

Along with other applications, such as WhatsApp, it is one of the most frequently downloaded programs. Every day, 400 — 700 millions of photos that disappear in a few seconds are being downloaded online. With that opportunity, Snapchat became a perfect app for sexting.

Stay anonymous with strangers

This applies to those who like to flirt in iDelete and Tinder. If you’re going to do sexting directly in the applications, don’t leave the strangers your initials, contact information and links to social networks and avoid reporting any data about your place of work and study. Keep it secret for your own safety.

PornHub launched its own application called TrickPics, which allows users to share their personal photos.

The main feature of the program is that the pictures can be stored only on users’ smartphones, and not on PornHub servers. It must ensure full security of erotic content and prevent its leakage to the web.

According to the research, teenagers enter into such correspondence to get attention, make someone like them, experience the thrill and feel their sex appeal.

Social danger of sexting is that the pictures sent can easily become publicly available. And given the fact that teenagers are passionate about sexting, the question arises as to the legality of such activities. First of all, we are talking about the laws prohibiting the distribution of child pornography.