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Cyberbullying is a dangerous phenomenon of our time. Unfortunately, it affects many children and adolescents. Because of their age, victims rarely seek help from parents or specialists until it is too late. Internet bullying can lead to very sad consequences in the life and further development of the child. That is why parents need to monitor their children’s online activity. Read our Spyzie review and find out why this tracking app is necessary for parents who is worried about their loved ones.

Carlo Pecchia
Carlo Pecchia
I'm an IT engineer with 10+ years experience in GPS tracking technologies. This website is my hobby. I'm writing about how different phone tracking apps work, the risks you take using them and how you can use them for your own purposes. I'll be glad to hear back from you, in case you have any questions.
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Questions to the expert
Can I monitor two or more devices?
Carlo Pecchia
You may monitor one device with one account
Is Spyzie software invisible?
Carlo Pecchia
Yes, Spyzie is invisible and stays hidden on target phone or table. On Android devices, there will be a temporary icon during installation which will be automatically deleted after the set up process is complete. It will work in stealth mode.
What if I cancel subscription or disconnect?
Carlo Pecchia
All target device’s information will be deleted from our server, and the Spyzie monitoring app will stop collecting data from the target device.
What if I suspect of being illegally monitored?
Carlo Pecchia
If you are an android user and suspect or find that Spyzie is illegally installed on your device, you can uninstall it following the instructions listed below: Go to Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators > system update service > Deactivate > Get back to Settings > Apps > system update service > Uninstall. Also, you can report abuse/violation and provide us with the necessary information, so that our team could terminate the monitoring service and block the violator’ s account.

Can I use the app?

Many families from all over the world use the Spyzie app to protect many people from online interference in their lives. This is completely legal because, until the age of the majority of your child, you have the right to control his life and direct his activities in the right direction. The developers have added compatibility with all popular mobile operating systems that people haven’t problems using Spyzie application. The program is compatible with:

  • Android version 4.0 and higher
  • iOS version 10.0 and later

Thanks to this, you can safely install and configure application on your child’s mobile device, providing full parental control. The features provided by the Spyzie app will also be useful to employers. If you do not want your employee to deliver important information to a competitor, then just buy a device, install the Spyzie app, inform the user about it and track his work. This is a completely legal method of collecting the necessary information.

How does the Spyzie software work?

The operating principle of the Spyzie application is very simple. To get started, you register an account and pay for a suitable package of services. After that, install and configure the program on the desired device. That’s all. After these simple manipulations, you get access to 30 tools that will allow you to fully control the activity of the device.

Communication control

The function provides information about all calls made from the phone and written messages. You will find out with whom and more importantly what your child or employee is talking about. Information about the duration of the call and the date it was made will also be available to you. Besides, you’ll get access to the call log and all the information about each of them. Examine the messages that contain information about your child’s preferences to respond in time and prevent the development of an unpleasant situation.

Apps monitoring

In addition to simple calls and messages, you’ll get access to various applications for social networks. Here, as a rule, cyberbullying and other unpleasant and dangerous informational influences take place. Read your child’s chats with peers or watch the content that he receives/sends to be aware of the problems and dangers that have arisen. The tool helps to get to know your loved ones better by getting to know your child’s hobbies and affections.

Online tracking

In addition to applications and calls, you’ll receive information about all your child’s online activity. You will know what sites he visits and how often. Your account will have a complete picture of the online activity of the monitored device, which also contains browser bookmarks and its history, even if the child deletes this information on his phone. If you see inappropriate content (adult site, gambling, cruelty sites), then you can block these resources using the remote access function. Thus, you’ll save your child from the harmful effects of the Internet.

Instant alerts

This is a convenient tool for parental control, which appeared in the application recently. It allows you to configure various functions, settings of both the gadget and individual applications. For example, if a child writes the phrase “password from the card” in a message or chat, you’ll immediately receive a notification about this. The features are very diverse and everyone can customize them to their needs.

Timeline tool

If you do not have time to monitor each function individually, then this tool is indispensable for you. It will show all the actions committed on the target device on one convenient timeline. Thanks to this tool, you can exercise parental control every day and save your precious time.


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How do I install application?

The Spyzie application is compatible with two mobile systems, and the installation process is different. We’ll look at each one individually. The developers note that root access for Android and iOS with Jailbreak are not required for the full operation of the program.

To install Spyzie android application on your device, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Create an account and pay the service on the official website of the application
  • Step 2: Take the target device and go to its settings. Next, select “Security” – “Unknown Resource” – and click the “OK” button
  • Step 3: Open a browser and log in to the app account. In the window that appears, enter the name and age of your child. From the list of operating systems available to install, select Android
  • Step 4: Run the downloaded installation file and click the “Install” button
  • Step 5: After the installation is complete, launch the Spyzie application. Enter your username and password, then respond to all system requests positively
  • Step 6: After the installation is complete, the application will start running in the background

After a few minutes, you’ll receive the first information about the operation of the device on your account.

Let’s see how to install the Spyzie iphone application on the iOS mobile system. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Create an account and pay the service on the official website of the application
  • Step 2: Open a browser and log in to the app account. In the window that appears, enter the name and age of your child. From the list of available operating systems, select iOS
  • Step 3: In the new window, enter your iCloud ID/password and click the Verify button
  • Step 4: Verify that the Syncing service and iCloud backup are active on the device. If it’s not so, then go to the official website of the company and read how to enable them
  • Step 5: After the installation is complete, the Spyzie application will start running in the background

After a few minutes, you can find the first information in your account. It is worth noting that the number of tracking functions is different and depends on the mobile phone system.

Refund Policy

If you have any problems during the installation, use of Spyzie android or Spyzie iphone applications, do not hesitate to contact technical support. Technical specialists will contact you and try to resolve the issue. In most cases, support helps you configure the full functioning of the tracking app. However, if this does not work out, or you decide to refuse the product, then you have the right to return your money. Developers guarantee a refund within 7 days after purchasing the program. Just send a refund request through the feedback system.

How much should I pay?

We all know that money is never enough, so we try to save money by shopping. Application developers considered such nuance and created several tariff plans with different Spyzie prices. Each person, depending on his income and the desired functionality of the program, will be able to choose the most suitable package of services. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Spyzie “Basic Version”

Tariff plan is only suitable for using the Spyzie android application and provides only the basic functions of the application. You get the opportunity to watch your child, but you’ll not be able to access various applications and resources and make the necessary changes. The main feature of tariff is its low cost, which nevertheless allows you to have parental control. So, the Spyzie price will be:

  • “Basic Version” plan $ 29.99 per month
  • “Basic Version” plan $ 49.99 for 3 months ($ 16.66 / month)
  • “Basic Version” plan $ 89.99 per year (15 $ / month)

Spyzie “Pro Version”

Package of services provides all the functions of the application and is available on both Android and iOS. Tariff customers are not limited to only three analyzing tools, but receive full control over the target device at the following Spyzie price:

  • “Pro Version” plan $ 39.99 per month
  • “Pro Version” plan $ 69.99 for 3 months ($ 23.33 / month)
  • “Pro Version” plan $ 99.99 per year ($ 16.67 / month)

Spyzie “Ultimate Version”

Uncompromising tariff plan offering all the features of the Spyzie application, including several analyzing tools. It is perfect primarily for managers who want to control the work of their employees. However, parents will also be able to use all the advanced functionality of the application. The service package is compatible with Android and iOS. Spyzie price is:

  • “Ultimate Version” plan $ 49.99 per month
  • “Ultimate Version” plan $ 79.99 for 3 months ($ 26.66 / month)
  • “Ultimate Version” plan $ 119.99 per year ($ 20 / month)

Carlo Pecchia recommendations

The Spyzie app is a powerful and safe tracking program that allows you to monitor the activity of the target device. Due to its features, you can use application legally, without breaking the law. The only condition for the employer is to take from the employees a signed document familiarizing them with these conditions.

Plus & Minus
Many features
Useful tools for analyzing information
Compatible with Android and iOS
Possibility of remote installation on iOS
Guaranteed refund
Lack of Spyzie iphone application for “Basic Version” tariff
One subscription allows you to monitor only 1 device