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Carlo Pecchia
I'm an IT engineer with 10+ years experience in GPS tracking technologies. This website is my hobby. I'm writing about how different phone tracking apps work, the risks you take using them and how you can use them for your own purposes. I'll be glad to hear back from you, in case you have any questions.

The best spy phone app for your personal or professional needs is readily available on the market today.

A mobile spy, spy phone, or spy tracker will offer many features, including a remote GPS location. It will also allow you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and texts. Many of the best phone tracker apps will offer remote social media monitoring.

Page Contents:

Plan for Use

There are many brands with varying services available. Therefore, you will need to think about a few things before choosing the right one for your needs.

How do you plan on using a phone spy? If you are looking for phone tracking capabilities to monitor the activity of your loved ones, make sure you find one with a wide range of services offered.

Maybe you are a business owner and need to know the location and activity of your employees remotely. A mobile spy app has many commercial offerings.

Just as important as potential usage is making sure the spy app is compatible with your device. Be it iOS or Android, PC or Mac, check for compatibility. Many of the products on the following list offer a handy compatibility wizard on their websites.



mSpy is one of the best spy/tracker apps on the market today. In fact, it regularly winds up on the top of many popular tech blogger lists because of its security and spying capabilities. mSpy means leadership in the area of parental and /or employee monitoring.

There are many reasons to like mSpy. First, it doesn’t just offer the usual features. Its features go so much further than just basic packages offered by some competitors. Think about these two to start.

  • The mSpy app provides reliable, no-crash service every time you access it.
  • The customer support is quick to respond and very knowledgeable. Depending on the plan you choose, they will provide custom instructions for installation. They can also instruct step-by-step any rooting or jailbreaking that you may need.

cell phone spy

More Features for This App

The mSpy app has the following among dozens of other features:

  • Remotely monitor incoming/outgoing calls and text messages
  • GPS location tracking to know where the device is and for how long
  • Internet usage monitoring; know what websites are being frequented
  • Keylogging to know what keywords and phrases are being searched for
  • Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger monitoring; remote view these and other platforms
  • Remote monitoring of photos and videos being sent and received

Price and Package Offers Available

As far as the plans go, offers a Basic and Premium Package. There is also a No-Jailbreak Package that is somewhat stripped-down but not by much. Indeed, any mSpy package offers a great deal of features.

The following breakdown is not comprehensive, as mSpy has several dozens of available features.

Basic Plan

  • $29.99/mo for one month
  • $19.99/mo for three months

Premium Plan

  • $69.99/mo for one month
  • $39.99/mo for three months
  • $16.65/mo for twelve months

No Jailbreak Plan

  • $69.99/mo for one month
  • $39.99/mo for 3 months
  • $16.65/mo for twelve months

spy phone app

Compatibility Requirements

Before you buy, make sure mSpy will work on your device. You can double-check on their site, but here is a quick rundown. The mSpy website has a handy compatibility wizard on their website. Just type in the model of your device and it will tell you if mSpy will work with your operating system.

  • iOS mobile devices with jailbreak- must have physical access to devices running iOS 6 to 8.4 or 9.2
  • Android mobile devices- must be operating Android 4.0 or higher and have physical access
  • Windows running versions XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and 8.1

Pros: mSpy has a wide range of compatibility and excellent customer service. It has features above and beyond most others

Con: It is necessary to root or jailbreak some devices. Tech support can help with this, though.

People's feedback:
Jason: My son goes once a month to visit his mother and I like to know what he's doing and where he's at and she doesn't run a very tight ship so I installed this app and I can see where he's at and what he's doing what he's taking pictures of and who is texting I have the premium version and it is totally worth the money I suggest that your target phone is rooted take advantage of even more options
Denislav: I am peaceful now because my son who is 13 and has had 3 previous criminal actions now can be monitorred. He does not understand how dangerous this can be. All I need is located on my app dash board so I can see what is happening. The program does not interfere with any of his apps, texts messages and it can be installed less than 15 minutes.
I recommend this for all parents.
Keshia: I would direct all to use spy app especially for parental spying. You'd be shocked at the things you'd learn about when you're not in the room with your kids. Now everything is regarding, no problems at all.
Albert: I was very worried about my children, luckily I discovered one spy app, honestly I didn't even know there were apps like this. Now I am infinitely calmer, I could see by checking whatsapp chats that I don't have to worry. I had small difficulties solved with the help of technical support at the beginning. I repeat, this app allowed me to be much quieter.
Phillip: I purchased this product because I needed to monitor my cell phones for my employees. I gotta say this has to be the best monitor software out there. It is accurate when it comes to text message history, call logs, gps, and keynotes along with many other features. The features mentioned are the most important ones to me so that I can catch my employees not performing their job functions. I highly recommend this product. I've tried other and spent countless time, energy and money with the rest, now try the best.









GPS Location

Internet Use

Address Book

Instant Messages


Control Apps


Remote Control

Locate phone


Android, iPhone, Mac OS, Windows


Android, IOS


Android, IOS


iPhone, iPads, iPod touch


Android, iPhone




Android, iPhone, Windows



Hoverwatch allows you to remain completely undetected while monitoring your connected devices. Hoverwatch is a free-to-try service that allows for remote phone spy/monitoring capabilities. Beyond this, Hoverwatch offers three subscription tiers at differing intervals.

The Hoverwatch app offers most of the same features that come standard with many remote monitoring apps. Although not as fully loaded as mSpy or FlexiSPY, it can be used for parental control and/or employee monitoring.

More Features for This App

Some of the Hoverwatch app’s spy capabilities include:

  • Track and record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • SMS and MMS text tracking, allows you to receive and view incoming and outgoing messages and images

Price and Package Offers Available

The Hoverwatch monitoring app offers three different subscription service plans, Personal, Professional, and Business. These plans are each at differing intervals and offer availability for simultaneous use on a number of devices.

Professional Plan 

  • Up to 5 devices
  • $49.95 per month, $99.95 for three months, $199.95 for twelve months

Business Plan

  • Up to 25 devices, $149.95 per month, $299.95 for three months, $499.95 for twelve months

Compatibility Requirements

Keep in mind that Hoverwatch is not available for iPhones at the moment. Hoverwatch is compatible with the following devices and computers:

  • Target devices running Android OS 6.4.285
  • Microsoft Windows running version 10.1.1
  • Apple Macintosh OS Mojave

Pros: Hoverwatch has a varied and adequate number of features. Mobile and desktop use are available.

Con: No availability for iPhone as of yet. Hoverwatch doesn’t seem to offer much variety as to what is in its subscription tiers.


The Spyzie app is another model of device monitoring software with uses more in line with the more powerful tracking apps.

The Spyzie monitoring app works with iPhone and Android operating systems. Since it works with iCloud there is no need for jailbreaking the device. Keep in mind you will need to have physical access to Android devices.

More Features for This App

Spyzie is a pretty decent product. The upgrade to the Spyzie app includes new features and some you will be familiar with. Spyzie offers:

  • GPS location tracking; always keep track of the target device location, Call log and text message tracking of a target device
  • Timeline (new feature); view all phone activities at once, Alert (new feature); Automatically get sensitive information alerts

Price and Package Offers Available

The Spyzie mobile app comes with three tiers of subscription-based service. They are the Basic, Pro and Ultimate Versions. Each plan offers one month to one-year terms of service. This list does not include all of the dozens of features.

Pro Version

  • $39.99 for one month, $59.99 for three months, $99.99 for twelve months

Pro: Provides the ability to block harmful apps and sites. Easy to use and no jailbreaks or roots required.

Con: Some tech issues; customer support not quick to respond.


FlexiSPY is another brand that is almost overpowered in its capabilities. This app also boasts an impressive list of dozens of features that offer more than a run-of-the-mill phone spy app.

One thing to keep in mind, FlexiSPY does require that you root or jailbreak the target Android or iOS device respectively. The FlexiSPY website offers excellent 24-hour service, though.

FlexiSPY is one of the best for many reasons. Some standout features include:

  • The ability to not only intercept phone calls but also record the call and the ambient surroundings of the phone itself. Save for future need or later listening.
  • FlexiSPY is a spy app that is very easy to use and has an interface that is well-designed for even the not so tech savvy.

More Features for This App

FlexiSPY monitoring app has one of the most extensive lists of features on the market. It has several dozens of uses over two main plans. Some interesting features are, but not limited to:

  • Monitoring of audio and digital communications of all iPhone and Android devices
  • Record phone calls and listen in on the environment.
  • Tracking of device locations with GPS

Price and Package Offers Available

FlexiSPY offers two main packages for varying terms of service- The Premium Plan and The Extreme Plan. The subscription rates are as follows. Please note that this list is not at all exhaustive, FlexiSPY has one of the most comprehensive plans on the market today.

Premium Plan

  • $68.00 for one month, $99.00 for three months, $149.00 for twelve months

Extreme Plan

  • $199.00 for three months, $349.00 for twelve months

Compatibility Requirements

FlexiSPY is compatible with the following mobile devices OS:

  • Androids running OS 4.0.3 to 9
  • iOS mobile devices running all versions up to 9.1
  • Microsoft Windows running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

Please note that FlexiSPY offers excellent customer support to help you with these issues. Also, FlexiSPY is one of very few spy to mobile companies that offers devices pre-installed with their software on it.

Pro: FlexiSPY offers wide compatibility to spy on iPhone, Android, computers and many other devices. One of the most extensive lists of features around.

Con: Does not block access to sites or numbers from the smartphone.


Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile offers a stripped-down, budget version of some of the more powerful apps on this list. The app features a monthly pay as you go feature in two tiers of service.

The Highster Mobile App provides both cell phone spy as well as GPS location tracking technologies. The Highster app gives access to texts, calls, GPS location and more without having the phone in your possession.

More Features for This App

The Highster Mobile monitoring has these standard features and more. You can also expect this app to include:

  • Location tracking for mobile devices, iOS, and Android
  • Call tracking and logs; incoming and outgoing call information stored, including time and duration

Price and Package Offers Available

Highster Mobile offers two monthly packages on their monitoring software- Basic and Pro Version. These are available for either the iPhone or Android versions of the software. Helpful in cases where you might not want a long-term contract or subscription. This list does not cover all features.

Basic Version        

  • $29.99 per month

Pro Version

  • $39.99 per month

Compatibility Requirements

The Highster Mobile app is compatible only with iPhone and Android mobile devices. The target device should meet the following specifications:

  • Mobile devices running Android OS- All Android devices including brands made by Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, HTC and many others in all countries worldwide
  • iPhones and iPads running iOS without jailbreak- iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S, 3G. All versions of the iPad are supported. Highster provides support up to iOS 10.

Pro: It’s easy and quick to install and offers short-term subscription options.

Con: Customer support was not as quick to respond as other services.

MobileTracker Free

MobileTracker Free is a monitoring solution to keep an eye on your children, track employees, and backup data.

MobileTracker Free is a free application offering many uses. While the app is free to install and use in a limited state, the app offers a Basic and Premium package at a monthly rate.

The MobileTracker Free app offers a basic level of service you have come to expect from these sorts of monitoring app. Basic, too, in the sense that its use is limited to Android mobile devices.

More Features for This App

Despite being limited to Android devices, the app does provide the following features:

  • Track SMS/MMS text messages that are sent and received from/to the target device, Intercept and record all calls- incoming, outgoing, and missed
  • Remote control of devices; screen capture, record ambient sound, and take photos, Track all photos taken and received by the device and recover deleted photos

Price and Package Offers Available

As stated before, MobileTracker Free is free to use in a limited state. Beyond that, the Basic and Premium packages break down as follows (Please note that price conversions are according to Google):

Free Plan                                         

  • 0 per month, One device, Ads

Basic Plan

  • 6 Euros per month ($6.66) , One device, no Ads

Premium Plan

  • 15 Euros per month ($16.65) , Unlimited devices, no Ads

Compatibility Requirements

MobileTracker Free is only compatible on Android OS tablets and phones running versions 4.1 and higher. The app is not currently supported for iOS and computers.

Pro: Simple and helpful spy features for all Android devices; free to use, limited service.

Con: Only available for Android Devices; no support for iPhones, Macs or PCs.


Xnspy offers very powerful monitoring and spy software with support for many devices and operating systems.

The Xnspy app has been around for several years and has been updated and upgraded many times over its lifetime. More and more features come online over the course of the app’s history. These updates mean monitoring capabilities for more social media platforms. Other added features include more precise location tracking and ambient sound recording.

The Xnspy app offers a large number of mobile device monitoring features. In fact, just the dozens of features come very close to the more popular apps at the top.

More Features for This App

The Xnspy app for mobile devices has the following parental and/or employee monitoring features available:

  • Incoming and outgoing call and text message intercept and recording, Stealth mode to monitor mobile activity with discretion
  • Track and record emails and internet usage, Offers remote control access

Price and Package Offers Available

Xnspy’s monitoring software offers two subscription packages, The Basic Edition, and The Premium Edition. These packages come in monthly, quarterly, and yearly rates. In general, The Premium Edition expands on every feature available in The Basic Edition. The packages break down as follows:

Basic Edition

  • $29.99 per month, $13.99/mo for three months, $4.99/mo for twelve months

Premium Edition

  • $35.99 per month, $19.99/mo for three months, $7.49/mo for twelve months

Pro: Extensive range of use over many mobile platforms and many unique features.

Con: Its powerful service cannot be used with desktops.


Secureteen is a phone tracking app with your family needs in mind. Especially if you have teenagers in your household.

The app promises to protect your children from every online danger, particularly bullying and harassment. It is referred to as the ultimate parental control tool for caring parents.

Secureteen offers non-intrusive monitoring so you can know what the kids are up to with undetectable access into messaging, calls, chat messengers, and apps, as well as real-time location tracking.

Price and Package Offers Available

Secureteen offers two primary packages that provide a year-long subscription. These are Premium and Premium Plus. Please note that the Premium package is the one you must choose to get the services for Android, iOS, and computers running Microsoft Windows.

The Premium Plus package provides the full range of features for Android OS devices.

Premium Plan                                                        

  • $49.99 for twelve months

Compatibility Requirements

The Secureteen monitoring app is compatible with the latest versions of Android and iPhone devices. It also works with personal computers running Microsoft Windows.

Pro: Stay discreet and monitor your kids in stealth mode. Installs easily in three simple steps.

Con: While not a traditional tracking app exactly, it is made specifically for families with kids and teens.


How Legal is it to Use and Own Mobile Spy Apps?

The type of monitoring app for mobile devices and desktops discussed above is legal to buy and sell. As described in the article, these uses need not be secret, yet often very helpful.

It is greatly recommended you install or use these apps on devices you own or have permission to access. However, monitoring your family or your business and employees certainly fits these criteria.

It is also important to keep in mind that the laws vary concerning the recording of individuals and/ or communications. State by state and in certain countries consent laws can differ. It is advised that you do a bit of research into the laws governing your state to determine the types of consent required.

Texas, for example, is a one-party consent state. Meaning, only one party, you in this example, is required to give consent in the recording or monitoring of your activities, especially of your property.

California would be an example of a two-party consent state. This means both parties must give consent to the recording of audio or visual communications.

Just some food for thought, but as stated, if you are using your product as recommended, you will be just fine.

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