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10 Best Mobile Spy Apps for 2019

Nowadays, more and more computers have access to the Internet and are widely connected via high-speed channels, not only at work but also at home. As a result, more and more children have access to the global web. However, since the Internet was originally developed in the absence of any control, now it contains a huge amount of not always secure information. In this regard, the task of ensuring the safety of children on the Internet becomes urgent. This article is devoted to this issue.

You can use a variety of software to provide parental control on the Internet. This article will tell you about only some software. Spyware for phones is not something exclusive and difficult to access. You can pick up a quality mobile spy on your Android or iOS phone. Of course, you can find other models of operating systems, but we will focus only on these two due to their popularity.

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The most important information about the best mobile spy apps.

Smartphones and tablets are incredibly attractive devices for the little ones. Unfortunately, we can browse the Internet on smartphones, and it’s not always a good idea to give your child unlimited access to the network and install unknown applications. Parental control allows you to protect children from unwanted content. Mobile technology tends to be as useful as possible to modern parents and ease their daily chores. There are applications that will become your indispensable helpers, teach organization and make your life easier and more fun.

Firstly, there is now a mass of specialized tracking devices for cell phones that can be used to deny access to certain Internet resources, as well as keep track of which sites your child is entering or trying to access.

In addition, the so-called “Parental Control” function is now contained in virtually all antivirus programs, Internet browsers, and operating systems. The easiest way to take advantage of operating system capabilities is that they are installed on each computer by definition, so you don’t need to search, purchase and install additional software.

So, what is the best cell phone tracking app on Android? First of all, it is a usual program with the convenient opportunities of “ambiguous applications” collected together. The proposed functionality of the application is partly a proprietary development of the manufacturer, and it is just a standard solution for mobile devices.

Such phone trackers can be used to control your own smartphone, for example, in order to turn it into a full-fledged tracking beacon, and to use it to control someone else’s mobile gadget.

Let’s have a look at the most popular cell phone tracking apps.


The mSpy app, running on Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian smartphones, allows you to know about the life of its owner literally everything. The phone tracker app works on the victim’s device in hidden mode. The mSpy app installed from the web control panel gets access to the list of installed applications, call history, contact list, e-mail messages, calendar, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, iMessage, Skype, data on the movements of the device, browsing history, photos, videos, as well as all keyboard actions. In addition, such a device can be remotely controlled: update the SOFTWARE, block individual applications and websites, block incoming calls, record phone conversations, turn on the recorder, as well as remotely delete data from the device.

As it is emphasized in the company-developer, the user of the smartphone or tablet will not be able to detect the spyware. You can install it with one-time physical access to the device for only 20 minutes. Unlike other applications of this class, mSpy management does not require SMS, and the transmitted packets do not exceed 100 KB.


The PhoneSpector app is slightly different from other similar app with remote control. However, one major difference is that it operates in “stealth” mode. All information collected by the program is sent directly via the Internet. This best tracking app is very convenient to use for remote surveillance of your computer or your company’s computers, which can be located both in the office and the employees who work remotely at home. The program has the possibility of hidden installation, which can help in its installation on remote computers. A feature of the program is that the program collects the information even without connection to the Internet and sends immediately after its connection.


Hoverwatch has become popular due to a fairly balanced ratio of the set of functions and price. A stable reputation on the market also allows developers to count on the loyalty of the audience.

Software features

➔ Viewing and listening to calls is a standard feature of any spyware

➔ Control of messages — SMS and MMS messages are intercepted and are available on an equal basis with calls

➔ Audio control of the environment – listening to the environment of the smartphone

➔ Photo and Video viewing is standard, only from the phone memory. It is not possible to take pictures with the camera!

➔ Geolocation – by base stations or GPS

➔ Internet surfing-browsing the history of Internet browsers

➔ Installed applications – control of smartphone applications

➔ Logging on / off the smartphone


Auto Forward Spy

Auto Forward Spy is a powerful best phone tracker. The interface is most convenient for an inexperienced user, but an experienced system administrator can use all the flexible settings of the program. Auto Forward Spy collects as much information about the user as possible in the course of its work. The user, who has installed the program, learns about all installed programs, about everything that the user has typed on the keyboard (Keylogger), can view the user’s screen, enable Internet access from any device, monitor the work with files in the system, monitor all visited sites, view the contents of the user’s clipboard.

Teenagers are very emotional, the activity of hormones is great, it can affect decision-making. Available spyware programs such as TeenSafe can help you keep an eye on your teen for its own protection.


TeenSafe includes:

➔ Filter of phone numbers – block of transmission or reception of calls from numbers you don’t want your kids to have access to-it can be another teen who has a bad influence or an adult who excites you;

➔ Interception of text messages-blocking messages sent or received by certain numbers;

➔ SMS spy-ability to read all texts sent or received even if your teen has deleted text messages;

➔ GPS tracking-where your teen is in real time.

Spy text messages can be installed within minutes and your teen will never know what spy is installed on his phone.


SurePoint is one of the best phone-tracking apps, able to surprise even skeptics. This program is easy-to-use, convenient, provides many useful functions and has an affordable cost. The price of this app is $70. SurePoint can be installed within minutes. A major benefit of this phone-tracking app is its ease of use. The person of any age can use the app without problems. Regardless of your skills and previous experience with phone-tracking apps, SurePoint will pleasantly surprise you and exceed your expectations. You won’t have to worry about it. SurePoint acts by setting up a remote connection with the phone/tablet you’re going to track. This program allows you to discover all messages, calls, current location of the phone owner, etc. This information will be sent to your mobile phone, PC or tablet, even if the user has removed it!





Os support

SPY on Calls

SPY on SMS and MMS

SPY on Emails

Track GPS Location

Monitor Internet Use

Access Address Book

Instant Messages


Control Apps

View Photos/Videos

Remote Control

Locate the mobile phone



Android, iPhone, Mac OS, Windows




Android, Ios


Auto Forward


Android, Ios




iPhone, iPads, iPod touch


Surepoint Spy


Android, iPhone




Android, iPhone


The One Spy


Android, iPhone, Windows


The Copy9 Spy App is being made freely accessible as a special offer. Now, any user is able to download this software using Copy9 free of charge during a limited period. Copy9 Spy App allows the users to access lots of functions for remotely tracking any smartphone. This app works in hidden mode, which makes it virtually undetectable.

Another excellent feature of this spyware is GPS monitoring. You can see location of the target device on the map or read it on the control board instantly. You will get all the information about the calls (such as time/duration of the call, the caller’s number, etc).
A major advantage of the Copy9 Android spy app is its ability to track online activities. You can check out the browser history and block the undesirable webpages.


XNSPY is a fairly new app on the spy software market. It provides tracking for Android and Apple tablets/smartphones. As well as mSpy, it has a No Jailbreak spy service and a complete program version for Jailbroken Android devices.
One of the major causes why one wants to try this app it that it provides conversation recording (for Android) and ambient recording. Not many spyware apps deliver such services. XNSPY app belongs to the most effective modern phone-tracking apps. The program is easy-to-use and acts in a hidden mode. After its installation on the target device, you can log in using the accounting data sent to your electronic address. XNSPY provides the function of GPS location so that you can track the whereabouts of your child. This phone-tracking program allows you to control your kid’s phone from a distance. You may turn it off and change the settings even without access to the target phone. It is also possible to take screenshots of the content to see what the person’s doing on his/her phone at any moment.


TheOneSpy is an incredibly functional and an easy-to-use app, using which you can control the target phone in real time. In addition the entire standard features (such as viewing pictures, calls and text messages), TheOneSpy provides lots of additional functions, for example: GPS monitoring, ambient recording, tracking the social networks like Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp, etc. Moreover, you will be able to listen to actual voice communications. It even allows you to send the texts messages from the target phone, which may be particularly helpful if you need to obtain information about any person. OneSpy offers about thirty useful functions in 3 OneSpy kits: Standard, Premium and Ultra. In addition, OneSpy offers free customer service support.

Mobile Tracker Free

The Mobile Tracker Free app is installed on your smartphone to monitor everything that happens on your mobile phone. Spyera secretly records all events (SMS, call history, phone book, location, emails, app messages, IM, Facebook chat, Skype and more) that occur on your phone, and delivers this information to a secure web account. It should be noted that remote access to Android will provide access to various information stored on the smartphone. Also, you have an opportunity not only to listen to other people’s conversations and read SMS, but also to find out what sites were opened in the browser. Media files also become available that is, photos and videos taken on a smartphone. Please note that the service provides you with great opportunities. Thanks to the best free cell phone tracker, you can find out not only the duration of the conversation and the number of the subscriber, but also listen to the recording at a convenient time for you without any doubt. Both outgoing and incoming calls are tracked.

Is it possible to install the mobile spy app with no access to the target phone?

There are several dozens of cell phone tracking apps that can be remotely installed on a mobile phone in “silent mode” and spy on its owner without betraying its presence. It has earlier been believed that adhering to the so-called hygiene of cybersecurity, you can safely protect yourself from such interference in your personal life. However, even those who avoid risky behavior on the network and use the most modern protection and the latest software update can become a victim of mobile espionage.

Is it possible to install programs for wiretapping cell phones without access to the phone? If there is no physical access to the target phone or it is password protected, neither we nor you will be able to install our software on the phone. But people don’t believe they search the Internet and find companies that offer spyware installation without access to the target phone and promise that their program will work on all types of phones!

To date, the listening procedure does not require any spy skills of “007 agents”, or even the knowledge of a professional communicator. The needed mobile phone is installed with a special program for wiretapping the phone, which takes just a few minutes. Then you can access a variety of functions of the application, which actually takes control of the subscriber. In general, you can buy a mobile phone with a pre – built best mobile tracker and give it to the person you want to supervise, for example, a child. What opportunities does the program open for cell phone tracking? It gives access to incoming and outgoing calls, including recording all calls and listening to conversations in the recording at any time convenient for you; interception and reading of SMS messages, including those already deleted from the device; access to contact lists; tracking the location of the phone by GPS coordinates or base stations; control and interception of correspondence of WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram and other online messengers. As you can see, the functionality of today’s best phone tracker apps is extremely wide. A public “phone tap” program can be bought by everyone. Let’s discuss why an ordinary person may need such an application.

It should be understood that spyware control phones are not special technical means! This is understandable, because these applications have a peaceful and useful application that does not violate the law on listening to phones. You will find this information in abundance on our website.

Such programs are designed primarily to monitor those persons for whom you are personally responsible — your children, for example. They are great for empowering your own phone. However, it is legally forbidden to install them on the phones of third parties.

We do not call you to such actions and do not bear any responsibility for your personal initiatives!

However, everything is very different in private life. Simple eavesdropping from around the corner is not punishable by law, as well as the interception of information by legally not prohibited tools (in our case, these are tools that are not included in the category of specialized technical means).

Can mobile spy software be used legally?

Theoretically, you do not have the right to install best cell phone tracker on someone else’s phone, just as you do not have the right to install anything on someone else’s phone without the knowledge of its owner (it is the damage to property or collection of personal information). You just cannot transfer control over the phone or received records of conversations and other confidential information to third parties (it is the distribution of personal data). That’s understandable, because you would violate privacy. However, if you have already gained control over someone else’s phone (for example, over the office phone of an employee of the company, notifying him about it), it turns out that you can listen to other people’s conversations for personal purposes. However, the line is very thin, and you need to seek clarification from lawyers.

Remote control of a particular phone with best phone locator app is achieved by installing a special software application on it. This software is easy to download on the Internet, and can be purchased with a new cell phone. The second option is most convenient when you buy a whole batch of cell phones, for example, for your employees. In this situation, wiretapping the phone via the Internet will prevent the leakage of important commercial information and avoid various problems. After installation, the spyware allows you to listen to all calls, read SMS records, and receive contact lists. The easiest way is to control devices using a desktop or home PC. To do this, you only need to go to your personal account on a special website. It is worth noting that such online wiretapping of a mobile phone is not limited to current conversations. You will also be able to record calls that have already occurred. A special server records all calls and messages, and you can read or listen to them at any time.

Installation of wiretapping on a mobile phone in steps

Installing a wiretap on your phone can seem complicated only at first glance when you have no experience. If you’ve ever installed app not from a store, play market etc, but by downloading the same .apk file from the Internet, then you will install the normal, non-root version of mobile spy without any instructions. However, you will need to make a minimal configuration immediately after installation and you won’t do without instructions to a specific application.

The complete installation of wiretapping on your mobile along with the setup of the program will depend on the specific spyware application. In general, they are all put on a similar algorithm, because we will consider in detail a specific installation algorithm that you can use for informational purposes, i.e. only as example but not as a guide to action.

First of all, you should get an account on the service server of the spy program, the installation of which is planned. You should enter the number of the monitored phone and receive the ID generated personally for you and for the specified number, which you will need during the installation process. You should not forget it, but on the other hand, you are likely to always find it in the user account on the site.

Before you install a wiretap on a mobile phone, you must obtain direct access to this phone. Installation via SMS, Bluetooth, etc. is impossible in principle. The phone should be at your disposal while working with it.

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