Actually, private life doesn’t exist anymore, as it has become very simple to spy on the person through his/her mobile phone/smartphone. The reason is an imperfection of the phone security system and abilities of Internet connection. The spyware from Google working with an account serves for such purposes. At that, it works on Android, and all of its owners have Google accounts.

What if the mobile spy is very necessary?

We have an answer: choose the apps for tracking the mobile phones of various brands (Android, IPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry) that should be installed only once. It will take you no more than 5 minutes, but you won’t have to hide to read other people’s SMS. After the installation, you will be able to enter your special account and read, see and track everything that happens on the mobile phone via the Internet. That is, you can monitor the phone via Internet!

Below are a few examples of mobile spies, spread as legal (under the guise of the so-called parental control systems, etc.) They all hide their actions from the mobile phone’s owner.

MSpy provides ultimate control of information and functions of the target device.

  • Read the messages

You can monitor and intercept SMS and other instant messages. Within a minute, all SMS texts will be available to you.

  • Spy on Facebook WhatsApp, Viber and Skype messages
  • Client support 24/7
  • Secure storage

After installing the app, all the data will be safe. You can create copies, manage and delete history and data at any time.

  • Several devices

Having installed the app on Android or iOS, you can switch the tracking function from one device to the other and see the activity of the device you require at the moment.

Mobile spy “Highster Mobile”

Highster Mobile App is a simple-to-use monitoring program: text messages, record of the conversations, call logs… everything is sent from the victim’s cell phone or email, mobile phone or a secure online account.

Mobile spy “Neo-Call Spy”

Originally created for Symbian, now it also works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phones. The program sends information directly to the other cell phone. This app is based on IMEI number, i.e. the person who tracks the phone must know his/her objective.

The program tracks SMS, call list and location and remotely listens and logs the key strokes. It receives commands from the managing mobile phone in the hidden SMS messages.
Who may find a spy app useful? As the developers say, mobile spies have a potentially wide audience of users. You can use it to track the corporate phones, messages of your children or family to ensure their safety, and even check your other half for loyalty. Creators of such services claim that this is the simplest and the most accurate way to find out whether your husband is cheating on you.

Why should you install a mobile spy?

  1. These are the powerful packages of innovative options of phone monitoring.
  2. You can track any phone remotely and discreetly.
  3. The program costs less than your daily morning cup of coffee!
  4. As an employer, you can easily monitor all the corporate phones and be sure that they are used as intended.
  5. The user will not detect surveillance, as the app works in stealth mode.
  6. Installation and use are surprisingly simple.
  7. Customer support works 24/7.

After downloading the mobile spy on the target smartphone, you can access all functions and data on the device remotely from any computer or communicator from a web browser. Physical access to the phone is no longer necessary. It is enough to enter a special control panel. From here, you can make necessary settings, review the data and see the location of the device and routes on the map in real-time.