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Smartphones are not just an accessory of an active, business person. The owners trust this device personal and work conversations, sms-correspondence and communication through various instant messengers. Pictures, videos and other files that are not intended for other people’s eyes are stored in the memory of the device and on the flash card. Therefore, it is important to take care not only of not losing the smartphone or it was not stolen, but also of data protection on it.

To check whether the phone is tapped, you need to know how hackers can connect to it. Fraudsters will install malicious software on the phone. Thanks to wireless communications and special programs for hacking, a user of almost any level can use this method. Using viruses of a certain type, criminals can steal and destroy the personal data of the owner of the smartphone and other information stored on the phone. So, the encryption system can be changed by hackers or disabled altogether. To get on a gadget like software can: via MMS; via the mobile Internet; using bluetooth; via Wi-Fi connection; when the owner connects the smartphone to the computer.

Phone wiretaps

To determine the wiretap, you need to pay attention to these 7 details:

1. The smartphone seems to “gurgle” in moments when it is close to electronics computer speakers, a TV. Interference is natural if you use the device at this moment. But when the phone is idle, there is reason to think.

2. The gadget “independently” is turned on and off, re-registered on the web. If the user inattentively installed and configured untested applications and programs, this situation is normal. In the opposite case the device can be controlled without the knowledge of the owner.

how do i know if my phone is being tracked

3. The battery should not heat up if the phone has not been used for some time. Overheating battery can hide running programs. It is possible that it’s spyware.

4. On the wiretapping is indicated by the screen of the mobile, which does not turn off when the device is turned off. Or it’s difficult to turn off the phone itself for a long time. But such failures can be the result of installing software without a license and other software errors.

5. The battery discharges faster than usual. A gradual decrease in battery capacity after a year of using the device is the norm. This kind of trouble with the new phone speaks about the switched on microphone and continuous recording of conversations.

6. In a smartphone that supports the work of two SIMs, an unknown operator appears, signed with several numbers.

7. An echo or a crash in the dynamics during a conversation confirms the fact of eavesdropping.

The most difficult thing is to understand why someone wanted to listen to your smartphone. A spouse may collect evidence of infidelity, a boss or a colleague to suspect you of kickbacks or overflow of information, thieves to refine your schedule in order to choose the best time for a robbery. Technically, you should start by checking your smartphone for viruses and unwanted software. Try several anti-virus programs with fresh databases, because it often happens that each of them does not see all the malware. Save all the necessary data and reset the smartphone to factory settings. Disable data transfer and Wi-Fi, insert a SIM card with a zero balance and take the smartphone to where there is no Wi-Fi. After some time, the malware may issue an error message and detect itself.